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Born on 10/15
Sorted by Name
deadKlaus Barbie10/15/1913dead9/25/1991(77)
birthdayRichard Carpenter10/15/1946alive73
deadJohn Kenneth Galbraith10/15/1908dead4/29/2006(97)
deadLee Iacocca10/15/1924dead7/2/2019(94)
birthdayTito Jackson10/15/1953alive66
birthdayLinda Lavin10/15/1937alive82
deadMark Lenard10/15/1924dead11/22/1996(72)
deadPenny Marshall10/15/1943dead12/17/2018(75)
birthdayJim Palmer10/15/1945alive74
deadMario Puzo10/15/1920dead7/2/1999(78)
birthdayTanya Roberts10/15/1954alive65
deadArthur Schlesinger Jr.10/15/1917dead2/27/2007(89)
deadYitzhak Shamir10/15/1915dead6/30/2012(96)

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