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Born on 9/17
Sorted by Name
deadAnne Bancroft9/17/1931dead6/6/2005(73)
deadPaul Benedict9/17/1938dead12/1/2008(70)
deadHarold Bennett9/17/1899dead9/15/1981(81)
deadGeorge Blanda9/17/1927dead9/27/2010(83)
deadWarren Burger9/17/1907dead6/25/1995(87)
birthdayPhil Jackson9/17/1945alive76
birthdayStacy Kamano9/17/1974alive47
deadRoddy McDowall9/17/1928dead10/3/1998(70)
deadEdgar Mitchell9/17/1930dead2/4/2016(85)
birthdayCassandra Peterson9/17/1951alive70
deadJohn Ritter9/17/1948dead9/11/2003(54)
birthdayDavid Souter9/17/1939alive82
birthdayThomas Stafford9/17/1930alive91

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