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Born on 1/24
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deadErnest Borgnine1/24/1917dead7/8/2012(95)
deadOral Roberts1/24/1918dead12/15/2009(91)
birthdayRay Stevens1/24/1939alive82
birthdayAaron Neville1/24/1941alive80
birthdayNeil Diamond1/24/1941alive80
deadWarren Zevon1/24/1947dead9/7/2003(56)
deadJohn Belushi1/24/1949dead3/5/1982(33)
birthdayYakov Smirnoff1/24/1951alive70
birthdayNastassja Kinski1/24/1960alive61
birthdayMary Lou Retton1/24/1968alive53
birthdayEd Helms1/24/1974alive47
birthdayTatyana Ali1/24/1979alive42

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